Plan Inventory

The Guild maintains an inventory of over 300 plans. Some plans are complete with every detail from stem to stern, others are line drawings only. In many cases there are several sets of plans available (i.e. different scales) for a vessel. Guild members may borrow plans by visiting the Model Shop in the USS Constitution Museum.

Step 1

To begin your research we suggest that you first determine if the Guild has plans for the vessel of interest using the table below.

Step 2

Once you have determined that the Guild has a set of plans for the vessel, further details about each sheet contained in the plan set can be found here: Plan Details

Plan Inventory table instructions:

Use this table to determine if the Guild has plans for the vessel of interest. The data below can be filtered by Ship Name only by clicking on the drop-down menu. If there are more than 15 results use the right/left arrows (<>) on the right side of the page to advance forward (>) or reverse (<).

Thanks to Scott Bradner for compiling this data.