Judging Rules

P&P #18

Name: Judged Show Awards

Purpose: Codify rules as approved by membership


Our competitions have been and will be in the categories: apprentice, journeyman, master. Bronze, silver, and gold medals may be awarded in each category. Henceforth, a scoring system will be the metric for advancement from one category to the next higher one.

Model judging is available to Guild members only. A member entering a model for the first time can elect to enter as an apprentice or a journeyman. If a member elects to enter as a journeyman the member cannot revert to apprentice.

The awards carry points: 1 for bronze, 2 for silver, and 3 for gold. In what shall be called the may/must 3-4/5-6 system:

Level 1 — Apprentice

When 3 points accumulated, the Apprentice may advance; when 4 points accumulated, the Apprentice must advance.

Bronze 1 point

Silver 2 points

Gold 3 points

Level 2 — Journeyman

When 5 points accumulated, the Journeyman may advance; when 6 points are earned at that level, the Journeyman must advance.

Bronze 1 point

Silver 2 points

Gold 3 points

Level 3 — Master




Medal awards -- gold, silver, bronze, -- are only available for Guild members.

Recognizing specialty models

“Certificate of commendation” for recognition of specialty models, like dioramas, ships-in-bottles, half-hulls, etc. may be awarded by the judges. We do not use the term Honorable Mention because it implies that a model was not good enough to win an award.

Number of awards per member.

Regardless of the number of models a member enters in a single year’s judged competition, that member can only be awarded one medal by the judges in that particular year’s competition. Note that this limitation does not apply to certificates of commendation that may be awarded by the judges or to awards based on guild membership or museum visitor -based voting or to any awards made by the museum.

A member can enter a model in the judged competitions as often as he / she wants unless it wins a medal. After that, the model is ineligible for any subsequent judged competitions other than for a Best of The Best award. It may be submitted for display-only in subsequent model shows.

Reviewed and accepted 11/13/2021