Where Do I Start?

If you are looking for a hobby we invite you to consider ship model building. For starters it requires few tools and a small space on a table or desk and if you pick the right kit the results can be very rewarding. The USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild is the largest ship model Guild in New England and has many experienced model builders among its members who are willing to assist a beginner via Zoom meetings. They will advise you on a choice of kits that will fit your interest and skills and will be available whenever you need them. Browse our website and find yourself a new challenge!

Here are a few of our favorite model kits & manufacturers

Grand Banks Dory

This is a great introduction to the basics of plank-on-frame construction and ship modeling in general.
Available from
BlueJacket Shipcrafters

Lowell Grand
Banks Dory

Similar to the BlueJacket Grand Banks Dory, this Dory is first in a series of progressive model building.
Available from
Model Shipways.

Norwegian Sailing Pram

This model builds on the skills developed building the Lowell Grand Banks dory.
Available from
Model Shipways.

Tamiya USA

Tamiya USA plastic models are recommended by several of our members for their clear instructions and variety of available models.

Digital Navy

Digital Navy specializes in paper/card stock models. These models do not come in kits, instead you print your parts at home (and mistakes can always be reprinted). They offer free and paid models.


Italeria plastic models are recommended by several of our members.